Pinched Nerves

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves at Herron Family Chiropractic

A compressed or pinched nerve occurs when excess pressure is applied on a nerve by the adjacent tissues, preventing it from functioning properly. Pinched nerves complications vary in severity and duration. While some issues may be temporary, others may be chronic and severe if left untreated.  The earlier you see our professionals for your condition, the faster you’ll manage the debilitating symptoms. Our chiropractor at Herron Family Chiropractic provides long-lasting relief to patients with pinched nerves in Bowmanville and the surrounding communities.


Cause of Pinched Nerves

There are many different causes of compressed nerves. Common causes often include:

  • Misaligned spinal joints due to injuries
  • Degeneration of the spinal discs due to age
  • Osteoarthritis – a type of arthritis that causes bony growths to develop, putting excessive pressure on nerves
  • Disc herniation – a condition that causes the vertebrae discs to crack and push against the spinal nerves
  • Poor posture
  • Other health disorders such as arthritis or cancer

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Symptoms of pinched nerves mainly depend on the affected area. However, some common pinched nerve symptoms include:

  • Numbness in the affected area
  • Tingling and itchy sensations 
  • Sharp/burning pain
  • Weakness on the affected muscles
  • Difficulty in movement

Pinched Nerve Diagnosis and Treatment 

Our chiropractor will carefully examine the affected area after assessing your current health and medical history. Our doctor will then make their diagnosis or request further tests if need be. If you have a compressed nerve in the lumbar or cervical spine, our chiropractor may request an MRI scan for further analysis to help identify the cause.  

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves

Our chiropractor at Herron Family Chiropractic believes in the natural ability of the body to heal itself. After making the diagnosis and determining the cause of the disorder, our doctor will create a tailor-made treatment regimen for the patient’s unique needs. Moreover, people respond differently to the same treatment. Healing techniques often include manual joint manipulation, chiropractic adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises, and more.

Contact Your Bowmanville, ON Chiropractor at Herron Family Chiropractic for Long-lasting Pinched Nerve Relief

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with compressed nerves, schedule a consultation with our qualified specialist immediately. Pinched nerves cause unbearable pain and discomfort to the patient and, if left untreated, can make undertaking everyday simple chores very difficult. Our chiropractic team at Herron Family Chiropractic is well-versed in treating musculoskeletal issues, making us the best at diagnosing and relieving pinched nerves pain and discomfort. 

Contact our Bowmanville, ON chiropractor today at (905) 623-5509 to learn more about how our chiropractic care relieves pinched nerves and helps you live pain-free.

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